In Café Miranda we have adapted an area inside the main "casco" that we call "Coffee Museum"


In the Museum we have placed some of the machinery used in what was the first coffee mill in El Salvador in the early 1900's. Journey through time and admire how the coffee was processed in the process called "Dry train"

Also in the main Casco is the original kitchen  where you can enjoy the process of shelling corn, grinding it, and then cooking the famous Salvadorean "Chengas" - A much bigger tortilla than the tortilla we know today.


The "Chenga" was so big it wasn't served on a plate, the tortilla itself served as a plate. On it, they placed a portion of beans and salt which was part of the daily diet of the people who lived in the property and the seasonal coffee pickers.


Come and visit Café Miranda; we invite you to enjoy this magic journey through time.



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